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Application for Holistic Practitioners' Directory

1.  Why did you choose to become part of this networking group?
The following questions cover all holistic professions.  If a specific question does not apply to you, write NA in the reply box.
2.  Do you work in an area that requires licensing?  Are you licensed?  Do you have liability insurance?  If you have a license and / or insurance please provide proof by sending copy(ies) to
3.  If you overhear another professional mention one of your clients, do you let that person know that person is a client of yours as well?          

If you answered yes, under what circumstances would you do so?
4.  Do you provide referrals upon request? 
5.  Do you own your own website? 
If you answered "yes"  please list it here:
6.   What is important to you about being a member of this networking group?
7.   Please list all services you offer and the length of time you have been offering each one. (We will NOT put the length of time in the directory but would like this information for our own records.)
8.   What are your policies on making recommendations for any healing methods for a person who has been diagnosed with a medical problem  and 1) they are on prescribed medication?
and 2) they have chosen not to take any prescribed medication?
9.   A client tells you they are suicidal or have thoughts of harming someone else, what do you do, and why?
10.  Do you keep written files on your clients?
If you answered "yes," how do you protect the privacy of your clients?
11.  How do you know you have done a good job for your client?
12.  What is your policy on refunding fees to an unhappy client?
13.  Do you quote fees at a flat rate?
14.  Tell us about a favorite experience you have had working in this field.
15.  Do you have a criminal history? 
If you answered "yes," do you reveal this history as part of your story, shared experiences?
(NOTE:  We may check criminal background.)
16.  What do you like best about yourself? 
17.  What is your legal name? 
18.  How would you like your name listed in the directory? 
19.  Do you have any classes you would like to offer to the networking group?  (List them.)
20.  Do you have any topics about which you would like to speak to the networking group?  (List them.)
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21.  Under what category would you like to be listed in the directory?  
(You  may choose a maximum of TWO.)
If you checked "other," please name the discipline.
23.  Please provide us with two professional and two client referrals. 
Include their names and contact information.

2 Professional Referrals - Holistic Practitioners who know you and your work
2 Client Referrals - Clients with whom you have worked and provided a holistic service in the category in which you would like to be listed.        (Please be sure you have your client's permission to use their name as a referral.)
Note:  By submitting this form you are giving Unveiled Mysteries, collectively as an entity and individually as the principals, explicit permission to conduct our vetting process using this information.  You are also giving us explicit permission to conduct a background check through Investigative Solutions Group Unlimited, license #A08230 (
22. Please explain what you do.  (A short description will be included in the directory.)