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Support for Gifted Children and Families
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  • Are you the parent of a highly sensitive child and aren’t sure how best to help them?

  • Would you describe your child as very intelligent, strong-minded, intuitive, and sensitive? 

  • Is your child often deeply affected by the stresses (and feelings of others) around them?

  • Has your child seemed older, more mature, and "driven" by an inner purpose, even from a young age?

  • Does your child tell you of talking with playmates or visitors you cannot see?

  • Do you wonder if your child might be an indigo child - or a crystal child?

  • Is your child "an old soul"?

While not all children who develop withdrawn or "acting out" behaviors are empathic, intuitive, or psychically gifted, many children who are gifted do beome confused and frustrated, leading to behavioral difficulties in school, social settings, or at home. 

Some of these children can become quite withdrawn or act out their frustrations in self-destructive, oppositional behavior. These children are often given negative labels, such as ADD, ADHD, autistic tendencies, oppositional behavioral disorder, or bi-polar by teachers, schools and other professionals.

Occasionally other labels such as schizophrenia or paranoid schizophrenic have also been erroneously applied to children who are able to communicate with spirits.

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  • Are you feeling at a loss about how to deal with your child's distractibility, frustration, and lack of conformity?

  • Would you like to give your child the opportunity to use this gift in positive ways, learn to manage it and understand it better, and meet other children
  facing the same challenges?

  • Would YOU like to meet with other parents whose children have exhibited  these gifts and explore with them ways to support your child?

Our workshops are designed for these gifted children and their parents and
are taught on an ongoing basis.   We developed these mini-workshops to
validate and enhance your child’s spiritual development in a safe and loving
environment, so they can share their own special gifts with others. 

They will also learn how they are different from other people and how to
make better use of their highly psychic, spiritual and sensitivity potential.

Some of the techniques covered are:
      * Learn Protection and Grounding techniques
*  Learn about crystals and their healing qualities
*  Connect with Angels and Guides
*  Do a psychometric reading of an object
*  Learn how to manage empathic feelings, distinguish others' feelings
from their own
*  Participate in guided meditations
*  Do energy readings of a plant
*  Connect with their power animal(s)
*  Develop a better self-image and heal  heart and soul
*  Communicate with animals
*  Discover telepathic abilities
*  Participate in exercises to improve their intuitive and psychic senses
*  Receive “downloads” (infusion of energy to create new belief system)

In addition to our course being offered in a workshop format, we also offer our services in private session, personalized for an individual or family (by appointment only).