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Pricing and Fees
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Individual Intuitive Readings
Tandem Intuitive Readings
Energy Cleansing / Blessing (House / Apartment / Office / Land Cleansing)
Dream Interpretation
Locating Lost Items
Finding Missing People

Individual Intuitive Readings

You may pay readers directly or through PayPal HERE,  (You won't
need a PayPal account to use any major credit card through our
PayPal account.   ( The charge will appear as iving Spiritual Pathways
on your credit card bill.)

You will need to contact the reader(s) directly to confirm an
appointment time.  All readers are available in person or by phone for
readings.   Most are also available through Skype.

    1/2 hr                  1 hr

Sharon Coody 

Deborah Rose 

Michael Smith  

(There will be an additional charge of $2 per minute for session time after 1 hour.)

Tandem Intuitive Readings

Tandem readings are scheduled for an initial 1 hour session for $230. 
(Additional time is charged in 1/2 hour increments at $100 per half hour.)

Deborah and Sharon

Deborah and Michael

Energy Cleansing / Blessing

Dream Interpretation

Locate Lost Items / Find Missing People

Unveiled Mysteries was originally brought together as a group of professionals who use intuitive and psychic skills, focusing on locating missing people.  While we have added to our services over time we do still work with people to locate lost objects and missing loved ones.  Since these services are highly specialized, may require interaction with clients, loved ones, law enforcement and sometimes necessitate travel, we ask that you contact us directly to discuss your specific situation.  We will assess the fee based on the specific requirements of the situation you present.

Please Contact Us for additional information or to schedule an appointment to explore your situation in more detail.

Our team prefers  to conduct energy cleansings with at least two team members.  Our fees begin at $350 for the first 2 hours.  Most situations can be remedied within this time frame.  If you have a large home or office space (in excess of 4500 square feet), somewhere tragic or catastrophic events took place, energetic or entity attachments, or some other particular difficultuy, a little more time may be required.

Fees for additional time are charged at $75 per half hour.

There is also a travel stipend required for traveling more than 35 miles.  This is a flat rate of $50 for traveling for distances between 35 and 50 miles (one way; total mileage 70 - 100 miles).  We will be glad to make special arrangements for distances over 50 miles.

To schedule an appointment or for additional information, Contact Us
We frequently offer dream interpretation as part of a reading when asked to get a reading on this energy. 

However, if you would like ONLY a dream interpretation reading or would like to focus primarily on interpretation of several dreams,we recommend you contact Sharon.  She offers a short, concise interpretation of one dream or a more extended format where that dream may be explored in-depth, reading the energy around how it fits with situations in your life.

If more than one dream is to be discussed, you will need to schedule at least 1/2 hour.

Contact Us for an appointment:          
Michael and Sharon

Let us be part of your next party!  We will give spontaneous "readings" to your guests as we mingle among them.....or we can give semi-private readings (10 to 15 minutes each) at a designated place where your guests can come to see us.

We usually warm the group up and set expectations by addressing everyone and entertaining them with words of wisdom, fun, insight, ...or whatever comes from the energy in the room.

There is a 2 hour minimum for $450 (For two people).

Each additional 1/2 hour is $90 for 2 people.

Travel beyond 40 miles one way (total of 80) is assessed as follows:
40 - 60 miles one way (80 to 120 miles round trip):  $50
61- 100 miles one way (122 to 200 miles round trip:  $100

We will accommodate greater distances, depending on the size of the party and other factors.  This will need to be discussed on an individual basis.

For additional informaion or to request an appointment,, please Contact Us

Contact Us for additional information or to schedule an appointment.