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House / Property Cleansing
Occasionally, the uneasy feeling is caused by a spirit (or spirits) that are actually occupying the space in some way. 

Sometimes space cleansing also requires a "space clearing" because objects are holding "stale" and negative energy.   This is especially true if the objects are antiques, if they are left over from previous owners, or if they were around at a time in your life that was unhappy or stressful.

In any case, Unveiled Mysteries is experienced in removing the energy that is causing an undesirable feeling. 

If any of these situations seem to be familiar, you might consider getting the space cleansed of residual negative energy or cleared of spirit that may be unhappy, angry, or confused and is attached to the property:

  • Have you ever walked into an empty house or apartment and felt uncomfortable?

  • What about someone's house or apartment - have you ever felt uneasy without being able to explain what is wrong?

  • Have you moved into a new space, one that is just perfect, only to feel there is just something there that just doesn't feel right?

Sometimes negative emotions, illness, or low energies are left over in a room, a house, apartment, or office after someone has left that space.  The space takes on the energy of the previous occupant. 

It really isn't necessary - or important - to determine exactly what has caused the uncomfortable feelings.  What IS important, is to cleanse the space, removing the negative energy that is a residual reminder of previous occupants who were unhappy, ill, or have died.
  • The space feels uncomfortable - with no apparent cause

  • You feel uneasy in the space, and you recognize the feeling as
  depressed, sad, unhappy

  • Certain areas of the space feel colder than others

  • You (or your children) feel you are being watched, especially when in particular rooms or areas of rooms

  • After you moved into your new space, nothing seemed to go right - just bad luck

  • You see motion or "something" out of the corner of your eye

  • Electric or electronic devises (lights, radios, televisions, stereos) turn on "by themselves"

  • You hear odd sounds, sometimes like whispering, when you know noone is there

  • Your pets refuse or are reluctant to go in certain areas - into a
  particular room or down a specific                 hall

  • Your child(ren) wake in the middle of the night and tell you they  saw  "something" in their room

We not only cleanse the space, we also work with you and your family to give you tools to keep it cleansed, to protect it from attracting other negative, low vibrational energies.