Handwriting Analysis / Handwriting Therapy
Unveiled Mysteries
Intuitive Investigations, Explorations, and Solutions
Using Handwriting to Assess and Change Behavior
reach your personal and professional goals. The changes are powerful yet seem
subtle because, if they were not subtle, your conscious would rejectthe subconscious changes.

A Handwriting Analyst is trained in both Psychology and Graphology. An analyst does not need any information about your past, does not need your real name and doesn't need to meet you face-to-face. Handwriting does not reveal gender, age, race, religion, handedness or your future. Handwriting Analysis is Applied Psychology,and  is 100% non-discriminatory. It provides very detailed information about your
personality that you may not even be aware of. Yet some of these things can be causing issues within various areas of your life. In fact 83% of individuals do not know themselves "deeply". Handwriting Analysis does NOT predict the future but it does show potentials for violence, drug use, honesty, trustworthiness, sexual issues, goals, some health and psychological issues, faithfulness, hidden talents, how others see you and much more.

HFT has 40 years of success in dealing with, grief, trauma and other emotional issues that you would seek help for in other therapy programs. Because of our alternative and holistic approach to therapy, we do not prescribe or give advice about mental health or psychotropic medications nor do we offer traditional mental health diagnostic services. Our holistic and alternative programs empower you from a subconscious level so that you are more prepared to

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A complete profile will reveal up to four typed pages about you. This is very beneficial to find out the 'real' personality of your boss, lawyer, parents, siblings, children, spouse,
yourself or anyone else.