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Dream Interpretation
Whether you are aware of your dreams, remember them vividly or vaguely...or not at all....your mind Is active while you are asleep.  

Psychologists frequently use a  client's dreams to help clarify subconscious beliefs or internal conflicts.

From a metaphysical standpoint, dreams can be a rich and fertile method of :

  • receiving messages from our spirit guides - or from our own "higher self"
  • having relatives who are now in spirit communicate with us
  • connecting with ouir own intuitive or psychic gifts, especially precognition
  • tapping into energy of friends or family
  • traveling to other dimensions

When we are in this dream state....either while asleep or in the "twilight" state between waking and sleeping....we are in a state of mind similar to meditaion.  We are relaxed and our conscious mind is no longer trying to control iour thoughts or the messages  we might be receiving.   It can be extremely important to acknowledge an individual dream - and the message being given through this means.   Sometimes we receive warnings, clarifications, greater understanding, or words and feelings of love and peace.

And when we have a dream that recurs or the theme seems to be the same from dream to dream over several days, it IS a message!  This type of message is usually Spirit (our own, a relative who has passed on, or our Spirit Guide) delivering information that is important for us to know. 

If you have had a dream that you believe may be a message....but you're not really sure what that message is.....we are able to help interpretet the information you are receiving.    We offer short, concise readings for dream interpretation or longer, more in-depth readings that focus on these messages.