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A long time Texas resident, I attended undergraduate and post graduate classes, graduating Summa Cum Laude, from Texas Woman's University.  My original focus was on children and adults with learning disabilities and children who had emotional problems interfering with effective learning.  I have learned  that many of the children with DSM "labels" like ADD, ADHD, bi-polar, and oppositional behavioral disorder, as well as teens who become addicted to substances, are actually empathic, intuitively or psychically gifted children.

I taught special education in public and private schools, worked in clinics with both adults and children with learning disabilities or acquired closed head
We are professional intuitive life coaches.  All of us have worked (in some cases STILL work) in other professions as well.  All of us have experience in  coaching adults and children in physical and emotional health issues.  We are consultants with vast knowledge in multiple disciplines to assist in personal and professional development.   We also offer our understanding and empathy to further spiritual growth. By working with the subconscious, we  assist clients in gaining their own insight and moving forward, making effective decisions and changing life patterns when they have chosen to do so.   And we DO tap into the energy around us to gather insight, information, and additional perspectives to help our clients solve problems, inrease creativity, enhance their lives, and find JOY in living!
Sharon Coody

Visually, intuitively, and empathically I am able to view the Magic within.  I am blessed to invite all to witness and accept their birthright,  to achieve the miraculous by accessing their personal Magic.

My own journey has led me through religion into spirituality, past theology into consciousness, beyond ideology into the Wholeness of Divine --- Accepting by engaging in and experiencing the Miracles of Unconditional Love.

My 20 year career as a Corporate Trainer, Operations Director, V.P. and Entrepreneur has provided me with exceptional skills and unique aptitudes.  An excellent communicator with a consultative management style, strong negotiation practices, exceptional problem solving abilities and a keen needs assessment insight, I am comfortable in the board room or at the kitchen table discussing the intimate details of my clients' business, personal, and spiritual lives.

By building rapport and establishing close, energetic relationships, I am able to identify, clarify, interpret, and provide options not previously explored.  These options follow proven strategic and tactical  business and personal processes for improving or simply altering behaviors, actions or attitude.  The ability to make a direct, practical, and positive difference in this way  is both a joy and a mission for me.   

I am blessed to be a native Texan and have lived and worked in Texas most of my life.   Even while employed by multi-national companies, I chose to live here, where I find the energy stimulating, the people friendly and caring, and the opportunities endless.  

A wonderful exchange of insight and knowledge offered by mentors, ministers, and business owners grants me a cross cultural foundation of perspectives, policies, and ideas from which to draw and access unlimited possibilities with and for my clients.

Unveiled Mysteries
Intuitive Investigations, Explorations, and Solutions
injuries, became a hypnotherapist, and consulted with Fortune 500 companies regarding HR issues and effective management and training methods and practices.  I used my skills and knowledge of Neuro-Linguistic Programming to develop employee and customer surveys, created effective training programs for a variety of jobs, facilitated executive meetings and team building activities.    As a certified hypnosis instructor and NLP Meta Program instructor, I find great satisfaction in sharing these skills with others.

For approximately 20 years,  I volunteered (and held Board Positions) with a non-profit charity, Humanity Unitied in Giving Internationally (HUG), working in the US and overseas to help provide a better life for 100's of children through custodial and care-giver training as well as direct humanitarian aid.  A few years ago I came full circle....back to the PURPOSE I instinctively knew as a child:  Be LOVE in the lives of others and help them to accept and love themselves. 

Almost all of my life I have "known" things that I could not attribute to having seen, heard, or read about them.   I didn't really understand that I had a special "gift" until, at about the age of 15, I connected with the spirit of my friend's grandmother and received  a message for my friend.  In college, i knew where my college suitemate would be at any given time (by connecting to her energy).   I took most of this in stride until my own daughter, at the age 2 1/2 to 3 began communicating with spirits visiting her at night.  It was then I decided I needed to actually study and understand this ability to communicate with those no longer in their physical bodies.

In the past few years I have focused my professional services on the spiritual growth of my clients, including metaphysical studies, emotional and spiritual healing, past life regression, soul retrieval,  time-line redecisioning, psychic  and intuitive development, and energy cleansing  As an ordained, non-denominational minister,  I have focused my personal growth on developing my gifts and connecting and loving through spirit.
Along with my husband, Scott,   I share my Texas home with 3 Chihuahuas and an Australian Shepherd.

I am a lifetime entrepreneur and currently own The Handwriting Therapy Center and Investigative Solutions Group, Unlimited, a private investigative firm.

I am an investigator, paralegal, mediator, handwriting formation therapist, and a life skills coach, utilizing Neuro- linguistic Programming to help clients make positive changes in their lives.
For over twenty five years, my career has been founded in the legal arena. While still managing my investigative company, I was the Director of Educational Development for the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) in Texas for over three years. This allowed me to publish books and curriculum in the mental health field, as well as train and teach over 10,000 professionals and family members, focusing on the needs of children and their families.

Handwriting Formation Therapy was a natural transition for me.  I began training in forensic document analysis and then found the patterns were there for certain behaviors and personalities. After undergoing the Formation Therapy, myself and seeing that “Changing Your Handwriting DOES Change Your Life”, I decided  to share this insight and tool with others by becoming a certified therapist.

I am forever grateful to my own coach and mentor, Lisa Nichols, perhaps best known for her hit movie, “The Secret”.  "She was a great inspiration and provided the training I needed to be a coach and mentor to others.  When I see a model of success that I like and can relate to, I want to learn everything I can about it.  Lisa had a level of success that spoke to me and that felt real. So I went directly to the source for training.”

I am a contributing writer to Chicken Soup of the Soul: Children with Special Needs and have other books available on Amazon as well.  In addition to publishing my own books, I also help others publish and promote their books.   One of my passions in addition to my professional interests is serving as a child advocate and  providing pro bono services to women in need.

But what I am most proud of is my family's participation in the making of the documentary "A Reason to Live" about teenage depression and suicide. As a family, we opened our hearts and  home, sharing our own experiences to help others cope with and understand the effects of depression and suicide.   This documentary has won many awards, including the 2013 Lone Star Emmy Award and can be found at www.mediaprojects.org.

Deborah Colleen Rose
Michael Smith
As an Intuitive Minister, I am dedicated to “Bridging the Gap” of race, faith, philosophy, and lifestyle by promoting inclusion and acceptance through understanding and knowledge of one another.  I support those who seek my counsel and insight with compassion, directness and intimacy.   As a guide, mentor, and coach, I endeavor to listen with an open mind and expansive heart.   The sage advice I offer is delivered with humor.  I am a teacher, a model for BEING your authentic self.  My openness, compassion, vision, and, yes, my humor, often lead to my client's ability tod develop their own humor, courage and vision.