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Unveiled Mysteries
Intuitive Investigations, Explorations, and Solutions
Unveiled Mysteries is a group of independent intuitive professionals from various disciplines working together toward a common goal: 

Bring LIGHT to the world.

It is our belief that the time is NOW - to use our gifts, our talents, and our skills to make the world around us more harmonious, more peaceful, more joyous, and more spiritual.

Coming from a variety of backgrounds, disciplines, and experiences, we are doing this by offering services in

Intuitive Investigations of Missing Persons

Locating Lost Items

Conducting Psychic Readings (Individual / Group)

House / Property Energy Cleansing and Blessing

Dream Interpretation

Intuitive, Psychic,  and  Self-Development Classes for Adults

Intuitive and Psychic Development / Support for Children & Families

Handwriting Analysis / Therapy

Life Coaching


Special Events

Featured event for March:

March 2
The "I" Team Presents the
Intuitive Insights Rally

SaWaDika Thai  Zone
220 W Campbell
Richardson, Texas  75080
6:30 to 9:00

For additional information and to purchase  tickets, go to

March 23, Spiritual Business Cents
Let's work together, let's dine together, let's market our services together....and make 2016 the profiable year.....TOGETHER!

go to www.meetup.com/spiritual-business-cents for more information.  Like us on Facebook.

Coming in April: 
What If?  You Can Really Do It!

Inspiration, Meditation, Manifestation

Coming SOON:

Laws of Life.....
and How to Use Them to Have the Life You Want!